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UV Technologies Attract Searchlights Up To, During COVID-19 Pandemic

But does viral retreat to endemic status dim prospects going forward?

UV technologies attract searchlights up to, during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked widespread interest in adapting ultraviolet light (UV) for air and surface disinfection applications – particularly in healthcare and other public facilities. As more was learned about the disease transmission, experts began advocating a multi-modal approach to disinfection – with an emphasis on air.  

Healthcare Purchasing News recently published a roundup article with industry experts weighing in on the evolution of UV technology for disinfection – before, during and after the pandemic, and prospects for future application. Excelitas Technologies’ James Clements, Director of Channel Management, Product Marketing, was among the thought leaders interviewed.

Jim points out that “UVC tools and technologies are remarkably versatile and flexible for disinfection and pathogen inactivation applications ranging from water purification and food safety to healthcare-associated infection control.” He predicts adoption will improve when end users better understand the mechanisms of UVC disinfection, trust the performance of UVC-generating devices, and feel they can rely upon the built-in safety features of newly developed products.

To learn more, read the article here.