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As a leading photonics innovator, Excelitas' technology experts actively contribute articles to industry journals and trade media across the many markets and technology sectors in which we engage. We provide insight on new technologies, market and application trends, and industry challenges. We continue to build on our reputation as a thought leader by staying engaged with our customers and industry.

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Dose Factors Heavily into Ultraviolet Disinfection System Design
Dose Factors Heavily into Ultraviolet Disinfection System Design
LEDs Magazine
UV radiation, when suitably applied, delivers powerful disinfection and protection against antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, with effective design demanding a full understanding of light-source features and limitations. Read the January / February 2021 issue of LEDs Magazine to learn more about the various UV sources for germicidal disinfection and the critical factors for determining a UVGI solution’s effectiveness from OmniCure UV Curing experts Pamela Lee and Marvin Ruffin.
Next-Generation Lasers for Industrial LiDAR
Next-Generation Lasers for Industrial LiDAR
Laser Focus World
Take a deep dive with John Lewis, Editor in Chief at Laser Focus World in a one-on-one interview with Denis Boudreau, Product Leader, of Excelitas' Photon Detection technologies. They discuss how Excelitas' next generation Pulsed Laser Diode emitters and high-performance Avalanche Photodiode sensors, including the new Generation 2 905nm Pulsed Laser Diode, empower the vision of tomorrow by extending range, reducing power requirements and keep projects on spec and on budget. 
UV Curing for Custom Built UV Ink Equipment
Custom Built - UV Inkjet Equipment for Specialty Applications
Industrial Print
UV LED curing systems are frequently customized to support manufacturing goals for specialty applications. For manufacturers considering a bespoke UV LED curing solution, the first step is determining its specific needs and whether the technology makes sense to implement.
UV Curing Systems for Fiber Optic Cables
Inkjet Printing and Marking Technology
Wire and Cable Technology International
Fiber optic cables are essential components of modern telecommunications infrastructure. These cables consist of multiple fiber optic cores, fiber optic bundles, bundling material, rip cord and even electrical conductors.