High Imaging Quality with Large Magnification

inspect Magazine Features High Imaging Quality with Large MagnificationAutomatic imaging systems for optical inspection and quality assurance need to resolve ever more detail as tolerances grow more rigid in industries such as electronics, semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing. Optics experts and application engineers, Arthur Stauder and Alexandra Gaertner, present Excelitas’ new standard high-resolution lens designed specifically for automatic optical inspection (AOI) applications.

The LINOS d.fine HR 2.4/128mm 3.33x lens is optimized to work with current large sensors, both line sensors up to 32k pixels and 2D sensors up to 151MP. Using this versatile standard lens, vision OEMs save a lot of time and effort by not having to develop customized optics. The lens provides excellent imaging quality over the full image circle, minimal distortion and very high light intensity, enabling high scan speeds.

The article has been published in German in inspect, pp. 34 – 35.