Pyrodetectors having four sensing elements may be configured in various geometrical forms. The most prominent design today is referenced as “Quad”, which is two pairs of elements in a square form layout. With the spacing and polarity of the elements, different variations are available. Most of the applications for such detectors are ceiling-mount sensing devices.

Excelitas provides Quad designs in single- and dual-channel outputs, with analog outputs or with the enhanced function and streamlined integration of our DigiPyro product line with digital output. Latest versions of Quad Pyros include the enhanced functionality as known of the Dual-Element, Low-Power DigiPyro, so offering a Dual-Channel Quad DigiPyro with sleep mode, sensitivity adjust, bandwidth selection, and window time.

Product List

Part Number
PYQ 1398, ...

PYQ 1398, PYQ 1348 Single-Output Quad Pyros

Part Number
PYQ 2498

PYQ 2498 Dual-Output Quad Pyro