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The Single-Source Partner for Photonic Solutions

Excelitas Single-Source Partner for Photonic Solutions

As the silicon chips that power today’s devices and technologies continue to shrink in size, manufacturing processes increasingly necessitate higher-resolution illumination and imaging, better performance, and strict contamination control. Today's manufacturers are consequently vying for leading-edge optical technology and solution providers who can cater to the complexity of their challenges while bringing the next-generation methodologies and products to the market. Excelitas Technologies, a leading industrial technology manufacturer of innovative photonic solutions ranging from light sources to sensors (and everything in between) to OEMs and end-user customers across a wide array of sectors, enables a diverse range of leading-edge, end-to-end photonic subsystems in the DUV and EUV space. The company offers high-performance photonic components, modules, and systems to enable and serve applications in lithographic production, holistic metrology, wafer inspection and processing, and chip bonding and packaging.

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