Excelitas Technologies Introduces New Infrared Sensing Solutions Catalog

Version 4.1 Features IR Detectors for Streamlined OEM Integration

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, has released its new Infrared (IR) Sensing Solutions Catalog Version 4.1, which includes a complete menu of Excelitas’ Thermal detection solutions used for motion detection, presence monitoring, temperature measurement, and gas detection. Excelitas’ IR sensing solution offerings range from Pyroelectric Detectors and Thermopile Detectors to multi-pixel IR sensor modules, which address OEMs’ need for high-performance, high-volume applications across a wide range of markets.

IR Sensing Product Catalog


Excelitas engineers are continually focused on developing product innovations and capabilities to meet new and emerging applications. Consistent quality has led to worldwide adoption of Excelitas’ leading-edge detectors in a host of consumer products as well as medical, industrial and commercial applications.

“Excelitas is world renowned for the design and production of high-performance pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors and sensor modules which – every day – contribute to safeguarding homes, saving energy and providing comfort,” said Fred Plotz, Product Manager, IR Sensing at Excelitas. “Our infrared sensing technologies play a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow and a more expansive and connected IoT.”

Excelitas has a global network of optoelectronic production, R&D and distribution centers for detection technologies with locations in Montreal, Canada; Wiesbaden, Germany; Singapore; Batam, Indonesia; and Shenzhen, China. Customer service hubs are also situated on each continent to ensure just-in-time delivery. The company implements cutting-edge quality assurance systems and measures, SPC and reliability testing. All Excelitas factories are certified for ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, NLF/ILO-OSH 2001.

For additional information about Excelitas and its IR sensing technology solutions, visit https://www.excelitas.com/product-category/thermal-infrared-sensors.


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