Excelitas Technologies Introduces New Optem FUSION System Automation Modules

New Modules Offer Simplified Automation and Integration of Illumination, Focus, Zoom

New Optem FUSION System Automation ModulesExcelitas Technologies® Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, introduces a newly enhanced, unified Optem FUSION system controller to provide simplified automation and integration for micro-inspection applications. It is offered along with a 10mm motorized focus module and high-power/ultra-high-power LEDs.  

The Optem FUSION system controller provides seamless integration and control across the entire Optem FUSION micro-inspection platform. Combined with the 10mm focus module and high-powered LEDs, it delivers automated high-precision, high-speed focusing across travel ranges far greater than conventional piezo-driven solutions. Precision engineered with high durability ensures rapid focus is maintained for the full life cycle of demanding high-throughput imaging applications. 

The controller’s intuitive plug-and-play controller brings simplified system-level automation to the field-proven, modular FUSION system. With dual axis support, multiple focus modules, zoom modules or simultaneous focus and zoom can be easily controlled and integrated along with dual 1.5A, a single 3A or ring light illumination. Offering an intuitive GUI and feature-rich SDK, the Optem FUSION controller provides the flexibility and programmability for rapid benchtop prototyping to high-throughput automated, integrated OEM solutions. Configurable IO ports and powerful hardware ensures extensibility of the controller for future modules including autofocus, tunable lenses, distance probes and FETURA+ high-speed zoom.

High-power LEDs feature a compact industrial design optimized to deliver ultra-high uniform illuminance that is critical for the most challenging machine vision applications. An integrated adjustable lens allows fine-tuning the illumination uniformity. Combined with the FUSION Controller, the LEDs offer adjustable software control for pulse width modulation and constant current control.

Applications include automated optical inspection, semiconductor inspection, die bonding and precision alignment; integrated photonics, assembly and testing; metrology, high-precision manufacturing, automated high-throughput microscopy; quality control, R&D and laboratory and bio-imaging uses.

“Excelitas is always committed to providing the latest technology for its OEM customer applications,” said Michael Bulk, Product Manager Applied Microscopy at Excelitas, “and this new Optem FUSION package builds on already successful product line to bring new precision and convenience in a modular, expandable form that brings micro-inspection performance to the highest levels yet.”    

For additional information about Optem FUSION please visit: https://www.qioptiq-shop.com/en/Precision-Optics/Micro-Imaging/Optem-Fusion/?chosen_country=a7c40f631fc920687.20179984.


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