Cermax Xenon

For decades, Cermax® Xenon has been the pioneering industry leader for high-performance medical and industrial light sources. From single replacement lamps, to complete custom and off-the-shelf Illuminators, Cermax is the most trusted brand name for Xenon lighting…virtually synonymous with medical illumination applications and high-intensity, perfect bright white light.

Since the introduction of our short-arc Xenon lamps in the early 1980s, Cermax Xenon technology has been an essential staple in over 90% of hospitals worldwide for endoscopic lighting, surgical headlamps, and robotic surgery illumination. In addition, due to the versatility of both metal-body and ceramic-body designs, Cermax Xenon short-arc lamps are uniquely engineered for an extremely broad range of additional specialty lighting uses including analytical, video projection, solar simulation, UV curing, microsurgical illumination, and other demanding, high-performance applications.

The Cermax heritage of continual improvement, superior engineering, and broad technical expertise has produced the widest array of innovative Xenon-based lighting products available today. From our groundbreaking ceramic body designs, to the robust and super-quiet metal-body VQ lamps, Cermax has consistently provided fresh, unique solutions for the most challenging applications. Our journey of innovation is not behind us… but rather in front of us. From our most recent MX Series of enhanced high output lamps, to our brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Batam Indonesia, Excelitas Cermax continues to demonstrate our tireless commitment to excellence, value and dependability.


Cermax Heritage Timeline



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