iFLEX Diode Lasers and Fiber-Optic Delivery

Excelitas offers a variety of free-beam and fiber-coupled diode and solid-state iFLEX-iRIS® laser modules and multi-line laser engines that deliver exceptional stability for today's most demanding high-resolution biomedical imaging and metrology applications. We also manufacture a wide variety of single mode fiber-based kineFLEX® laser beam delivery systems for precision measurement and biomedical applications.​ 

kineFLEX single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber delivery system

kineFLEX Fiber-Optic Laser Delivery

The kineFLEX®is a robust single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber delivery systems suitable for use with most lasers. We deliver the world’s best beam pointing stability, making them industry standard in many imaging and precision measurement applications. This fiber delivery system includes: integrated input optics that are pre-focused and optimized for the laser, output optics or connector, and the fiber coupler.
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Excelitas offers a range of Ultra-Stable iFLEX Diode and DPSS Laser Solutions

iFLEX Diode & DPSS Lasers

Originating from our Qioptiq® photonic heritage, our iFLEX® diode and solid state lasers are engineered for the highest reliability,power stability and minimal amplitude noise. Robust plug & play solutions are compatible with our kineFLEX® Fiber Delivery System for accurate beam alignment and streamlined integration with sub-micron positional repeatability. Choose from single- and dual-wavelength laser modules and Multi-line Laser Engines.
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