iFLEX Lasers

First originating with Point Source in 1991, our iFLEX® Flexible Laser Technology has risen through our Qioptiq heritage to become world renown for reliable, ultra-stable laser performance in high-resolution bio-fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, ophthalmology, drug discovery and semiconductor metrology and photolithography mask alignment.

Available in compact single-wavelength modules and sophisticated multi-wavelength laser engines, iFLEX Lasers provide exceptional long-term power stability with low amplitude noise. Combined with our kineMATIX® Fiber Coupler System and kineFLEX®Single-Mode, Polarization-Maintaining Fiber-Optic Beam Delivery System, our customers are able to achieve reliable, repeatable and precise laser delivery for research and OEM system integration.

Discover the full range of our Flexible Laser Technology and revolutionize your system performance.

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