Established in 2005 as a spin-off from Thales High-Tech Optics, Qioptiq® acquired LINOS® in 2009 and joined Excelitas Technologies® in 2013. Qioptiq represents a wide array of the Excelitas optical heritage. For defense and aerospace technologies, Qioptiq encompasses our Dismounted Soldier Optics, Avionics, Optronic Modules & Systems, and Space Optics. For our commercial technologies, Qioptiq includes our Adavanced OEM-Integrated custom solutions for semiconductor equipment, medical imaging, endoscopy, dentistry and biophotonics. It also comprises our entire LINOS products portfolio, Optem® micro-inspection lenses, Rodenstock Photographic Optics, iFLEX Flexible Laser Technology and Micro-optics fabrication and assembly capabilities.

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