The REO® heritage originated in 1980 as the electro-optics division of Particle Measuring Systems and, over time, gained significant expertise in the manufacture of HeNe lasers, super-polished optical surfaces, and high-performance thin film coatings using ion beam sputtering technology. In 1993, the division branched off to establish REO Inc., which Excelitas later acquired in 2018.

Today, Excelitas is one of the industry’s most comprehensive providers of optical manufacturing technology and capabilities worldwide, including expert design and engineering resources, wide-ranging optical fabrication and coatings capabilities, precision assembly expertise and extensive in-house metrology to ensure uncompromising quality and performance. With a global footprint of state-of-the-art optical production facilities, Excelitas delivers custom optical components and assemblies for the most demanding applications in lasers, military/aerospace, semiconductor, materials processing, telecommunications, and life sciences. 

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