Solidtron Initiator Firing Switches

The core technology found in all Solidtron Advanced Thyristor Products originated in the labs of General Electric in 1988 and later evolved by Silicon Power into the ultimate solid-state pulsed-power switch and branded Solidtron for its tube-like lightning fast performance.

Acquired by Excelitas Technologies in 2020, Solidtron is recognized as the world’s premier smart-weapons solid-state initiator firing switch. Beyond this application, its incredibly fast and predictable turn-on performance as well as low conduction loss make Solidtron the right choice for numerous other pulsed-power applications which include: Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI), electromagnetic pulse forming, magnetic pulse welding, magnetic metal compaction and many more pulsed-power applications which demand efficiency, reliability and longevity.

Solidtron products are a superior solid-state replacement for many spark-gaps, thyratrons, ignitrons and other legacy closing-switch technologies.

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