Qioptiq Limited - UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

UK Gender Pay Gap 2022 - Qioptiq Limited

This is our annual gender pay gap report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2022.

  • Our mean gender pay gap is 10.3%.
  • Our median gender pay gap is 11%.
  • Our mean gender bonus gap is -53.2%.
  • Our median gender bonus gap is -199.6.9%.

The bonus gap reflects women being paid more in bonus (negative gap). Bonus achievement in the year resulted in a low number of senior female employees receiving a comparatively high level of bonus when compared to their male counterparts.  This is positive in that it highlights the number of females in the most senior positions.

Pay quartiles by gender

This table shows our workforce divided into four equal-sized groups based on hourly pay rate. Band A includes the lowest-paid 25% of employees (the lower quartile) and band D covers the highest-paid 25% (the upper quartile)

Band Female %  Male % Description
A 25 75 Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them at or below the lower quartile
B 14 86 Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the lower quartile but at or below the median
C 12 88 Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the median but at or below the upper quartile
D 11 89 Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the upper quartile

The figures in this table have been calculated using the standard methods used in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.


Executive Summary

Our gender pay gap results for 2022 show a similar picture on normal pay against the previous year. Unusually however, the results in bonus pay show a negative gap (explained above). 

A broad range of training and development has been implemented, and a number of other initiatives undertaken (please see below) which we believe will underpin improvement going forwards, but we recognise that this will take time.

The Company remains committed to reducing the gender pay by ensuring that all selection and development routes are open to all applicants.

The gender pay gap

The issue of equal pay and the gender pay gap are often confused. While the former concerns pay differences between individuals or groups performing the same or similar work, the gender pay gap is concerned with differences in the average earnings of men and women, regardless of their role or seniority. It is therefore a broader measure capturing not simply any equal pay issues within an organisation but also any pay inequalities resulting from differences in the sorts of jobs performed by men and women and the gender composition of the workforce by seniority.

As such it was pleasing to see an improvement of just over 2% in the percentage of females in the highest paid roles, which is testament to the initiatives we have employed over recent years.

What are Qioptiq Ltd doing to address our gender pay gap?

Whilst we have no control over what people choose to study or the career choices that they make, we can try to influence these through partnering with local schools, colleges and universities

Our commitment to promoting gender diversity in all areas of our company is already in progress. In this respect we endeavour to inform, educate, inspire and support in the community in which we operate, as well as inside our Company.

We will continue to:

  • Partner with local secondary schools and colleges to raise the profile of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects
  • Ensure that fair and non-discriminatory processes and practices are used for the recruitment, induction, training and promotion of employees.
  • Run a Professional Women’s Network within Excelitas Technologies
  • Women in Leadership mentoring programme
  • Sponsor the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter and working towards improving opportunities for women in this sector.
  • Support flexible working at all levels wherever possible. Improved Flexible Working Policy implemented this year.
  • Promote a Women in Leadership Programme within Excelitas which has Executive support.
  • Encourage apprenticeships and partnering with universities to encourage internships and graduates.
  • Support employees of with parental responsibilities prior to, during and on return from maternity and other parental leave.
  • Utilise a leading job evaluation system to support a well-structured compensation system with clearly defined pay grades.


Reducing and eliminating the gender pay gap is a long-term initiative. We appreciate the difficulties in making improvements in this industry sector, but we have already made progress and we are committed to continuing this improvement.

I, Peter White, Managing Director, confirm that the information in this statement is accurate.


Peter White
Managing Director & VP Land Equipment, Qioptiq Limited
March 2023

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