Excelitas Technologies Introduces New OrcIR Long Range, High Definition MWIR Thermal Camera

OrcIR Long Range High Definition MWIR Thermal Imager

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, today announced a significant launch order for the company’s latest long range, High Definition (HD) MWIR Camera – OrcIR. The OrcIR combines the latest small pitch sensor technology with a custom designed, continuous zoom optic to deliver exceptional
long-range imaging performance in a compact space envelope.

OrcIR is the latest embodiment of the Excelitas modular camera architecture for high-performance, high definition, MWIR thermal imaging. This architecture combines exceptional image clarity with affordability by leveraging a high level of commonality across the camera range. OrcIR is optimized for longer range applications including border and naval surveillance, fire control and C-UAS applications. For maritime installations, OrcIR features an optional Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) tilted window, providing protection against wiper abrasion and environmental conditions.

An evolution of the proven CheetIR-L thermal camera, OrcIR offers increased range performance with a longer focal length of 500 mm in the narrow field of view. The philosophy of the Excelitas camera range is to provide market-leading imaging performance in a ruggedized, low SWAP-C package. This is achieved using a custom designed, F/3 zoom lens combined with the latest generation of high operating temperature (HOT), 1280x720, 10 mm imaging engine. OrcIR delivers an unrivalled level of performance to enable fast and effective decision making in a compact package.

OrcIR has been designed to accommodate future technology enhancements by offering the option to adopt future sensor developments as they mature. This innovative approach provides integrators and end users with the latest in MWIR imaging technology, increasing camera performance with minimal obsolescence and greatly reduced through life costs.

Additional information about the OrcIR is available at https://www.excelitas.com/product/orcir-long-range-high-definition-thermal-imager.  


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