Discontinued PCO Scientific Cameras

Discontinued PCO Scientific Cameras

Excelitas continues to provide technical support for a number of discontinued PCO Scientific Cameras. Software and user manuals are available for download via our website. Refer below for a list of supported PCO cameras.

The following discontinued PCO Scientific Cameras are supported:

  • pixelfly qe
  • pixelfly vga
  • pco.pixelfly usb
  • pco.ultraviolet
  • pco.1300
  • pco.1300 solar
  • pco.1600
  • pco.2000
  • pco.4000
  • sensicam qe
  • sensicam uv

Access the appropriate software and user manuals via the tabs below. Learn more about our latest PCO Scientific Cameras offered through the pco.edge and pco.panda family series ranging from high-end imaging cameras to compact cameras.

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