LED UVC Chip-on-board Components

LED UVC Chip-On-Board Components

UVC LED-based Chip-On-Board (COB) sources offer the greatest flexibility with the highest level of integration of all the UVC light sources. Excelitas offers the capability to package bare LED die into component-level packages of any number in any shape or size. Since, these packages are die carriers, any number of LED die or sensors can be integrated into any given design. Die count per package can range from one die to a thousand. The limitations are endless, and are not limited to UV wavelengths.

Hybrid Chip-On-Board sources can be comprised of any number of UV-VIS-IR die light sources, sensors, or mechanical elements. Excelitas offers a complete range of standard Chip-On-Board packages. 

Excelitas is focused on helping our customers solve their UVC LED germicidal challenges.  For every disinfection application need, each customer has their own unique requirements.  We work closely with our customers to instill confidence and deliver the highest quality solution from concept to post-production.

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