OmniCure AC Series UV LED Large-Area Curing Systems

OmniCure® AC Series offers large-area UV LED curing systems for curing widths greater than 75mm and are suitable for a variety of adhesives, coating and inks. These systems are available in a wide selection of configurations and wavelengths including “P” versions optimized for print applications, as well as systems options for high optical dosage (HD) and fiber curing applications. Designed with advanced front-end optics and high-power LEDs, these high-performing, air-cooled solutions come in a small-form factor that enable high longitudinal uniformity over the entire curing area to ensure consistent and repeatable curing of all parts.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of OmniCure AC Series UV LED Large-Area Curing Systems?
Excelitas is a leading innovator and manufacturer of highly-efficient UV curing systems that promote efficiency, helping you meet your production targets and manufacturing goals. Our OmniCure AC series delivers unmatched performance, offering large-area UV LED curing capabilities for curing widths greater than 75mm. Our versatile UV curing solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems and are optimized for print applications as well as other applications with high optical dosage and fiber curing. With OmniCure AC Series, your manufacturing operations can benefit from high-performing, air-cooled solutions that ensure consistent and repeatable curing performance across large areas, improving the overall productivity of your production line.  
What are the different uses of OmniCure AC Series LED Large-Area UV Curing Systems?
The ultraviolet (UV) curing process is an invaluable part of today’s manufacturing processes that use a variety of inks, coatings, and adhesives for melding various components onto circuit boards and other applications. In this process, UV light sources emit UV light, which cures the adhesive surface in a polymerization process. In doing so, manufacturers no longer have to allocate considerable time for drying, speeding up the production process significantly.
What types of OmniCure UV LED large-area curing systems do you offer?
Excelitas proudly offers a wide range of large-area UV curing systems and components to equip your manufacturing company with the right tools to boost productivity in your facility. The OmniCure AC Series comprises the following products:
  • OmniCure AC7 UV LED Large-Area Curing System - Designed with high-output LEDs and custom optics, the AC7 Series ensures comprehensive curing coverage with a maximum curing area of 150 mm (6”) to 300 mm (12”).
  • OmniCure AC8 UV LED Large-Area Curing System - The OmniCure AC8 delivers over 8 W/cm2 peak irradiance, ensuring a uniform cure over its maximum curing area of 150 mm to 300 mm.
  • OmniCure AC8225-F+ and AC9225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System - Scaling production speeds without any need for complex changes in the entire system is more easily achieved through this curing system. Designed to deliver a peak irradiance of up to 16 W/cm2, trust in our leading solutions to ensure you meet the market demand for increased process speeds.
  • OmniCure AC8-HD UV LED High-Dose, Large-Area Curing Systems - Available in a wide variety of wavelengths, this UV curing system is designed to deliver high optical doses for optimal UV LED curing performance. The system is ideal for production applications that require large-area curing with high dosages.
  • OmniCure AC9 UV LED Large-Area Curing System - The AC9 Series consists of a series of high-performing, air-cooled solutions that have a small form factor to improve the speeds of production lines across industrial manufacturing and printing applications.
  • OmniCure CV300 Low-Volume Production Conveyor - Unlike its predecessors, the CV300 is designed as a complementary piece for the AC series for production, research and development, and laboratory applications.
  • OmniCure SC Series UV LED Power Supply Controller - The SC Series is designed specifically for the Omnicure AC Series LED UV curing systems. It offers a wide selection of system controllers and was designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring that these controllers can meet the needs of any curing application.
  • OmniCure PLC2000 Programmable Controller - Another complementary controller system for the Omnicure AC Series, this programmable controller is connected to the LED UV head to monitor, manage, and control the LED system intelligently. It is used to adjust the entire system’s exposure time, output intensity, and on/off capabilities.
  • OmniCure AC Series Optical Adapters - This selection of adapters is customized for installation in Omnicure AC Series curing systems to enable their integration across a broader range of applications. When attached to the face of the UV system, these optical adapters convert small areas with large power outputs into larger areas with optimized optical power, delivering evenly distributed irradiance and uniformity.
What are the applications of OmniCure AC LEDs?
The versatility of Omnicure AC LED Large-Area Curing Solutions allows various sectors with efficient curing systems due to the extensive coverage of these wide-area curing solutions. These are best applied in manufacturing and laboratory settings to cure adhesives and coatings on such components as displays, touch panels, thin films, and fibers.
Do you offer custom OmniCure AC Series UV LED Large-Area Curing Systems?
Excelitas leads the charge as one of the top sources of highly-efficient UV curing solutions for a wide range of applications. Our industry-leading AC LED technologies can seamlessly integrate into any application across various industries. Meanwhile, they can also be tailor-fit to accommodate our clients’ requirements for specific functionalities in their applications. For your specialized UV curing needs, get in touch with our experts immediately to discuss your options and communicate the details of your project and your target specifications.