CoolEYE IR 2D Modules

Excelitas CoolEYE IR Image Sensors

Excelitas CoolEYE Modules are suitable for a variety of applications and range from our cost-effective linear 8-pixel sensor up to 32 pixels in linear or 2D configurations. Different fields-of-view and calibration ranges are also available to support customer specific needs. All Excelitas CoolEYE arrays are offered as plug-and-play modules featuring a sensing chip, robust metal housing with focusing lens, a PCB with microprocessor for calibration and bus interface and a quick connector for streamlined integration.

In many applications, the employment of a multi-pixel sensor provides advantages over single-pixel measurement. A single-pixel IR-sensor delivers an average temperature over the measurement area while a finer spatial temperature resolution can be obtained when using a multi-pixel (array) sensor. This can be achieved with either a sweeping linear IR-array with 8, 16, or even 32 pixels, or a static 2-dimensional array with often only 4 x 4 pixels.

Typical applications are:

  • Room Climate Control: A multi-pixel sensor controls HVAC equipment or a thermostat by measuring the temperature in different zones of a room. The sensor signals are used to direct warm or cold air into the respective areas or to control the water flow in different sections of a floor or wall heater/cooler.
  • Fire and Overheat Detection: IR Thermopiles, more specifically multi-pixel sensors, when integrated with a smoke detector, help to detect hot spots in a room. An emerging application is thermopile arrays combined with a surveillance camera to detect indoor or outdoor fires.  Similarly, these sensors are also used in cooking ranges to monitor oven temperature and provide overheating protection.
  • Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) Screening: A 2-dimensional (4 x 4 pixel) array is preferred for use in measuring temperature distribution of the facial skin temperature for fixed installations or portable equipment.
  • Presence and Motion Detection: Multi-pixel sensors allow the detection of people moving through a room including direction of movement and approximate number of people.

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Excelitas offers a range of 2D Thermal Imager Arrays including 4x4, 16x16 and 32x32 pixel configurations

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