Night Vision Goggles

Warfighters depend on the ability to move safely and tactically during the hours of darkness and in adverse weather conditions. Enhanced situational awareness and increased mobility provided by Excelitas' range of high-quality Monocular and Binocular Night Vision Goggles provide that edge.  Robust designs coupled with intuitive controls and superior optical quality make our Night-Vision technologies the equipment of choice.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Night Vision Goggles?
Excelitas is the undisputed leader in the designing, development, and manufacturing of Night Vision Equipment, boasting a comprehensive range of world-renowned, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to suit a wide variety of military applications. Our products stand the test of time and are well-suited for even the most demanding operational conditions. These offerings feature an extensive selection of Surveillance and Target Acquisition sights, comprising over 100,000 individual pieces supplied to over 56 international users.
What are Night Vision Goggles used for?
A night vision goggle is a device that allows you to see objects up to 1,000 yards away in drastically low-light conditions. In the military, a night vision goggle is the perfect piece of equipment used to gain a tactical advantage in conditions where available light is minimal or non-existent, such as at night, in underground areas, or inside caves. This is made possible by optoelectronic (or digital) enhancement, which is the amplification of reflected infrared light to create an image of the target. In addition, many modern night vision equipment today come equipped with an augmented reality compass visible at the top of the field of view to allow navigation without removing the goggles.
What types of Night Vision Goggles do you offer?
Excelitas offers a wide selection of night vision equipment designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and the most demanding applications during ground-based operations. We offer night vision goggles and optics equipment to provide night vision capabilities on monocular and binocular equipment. The KESTREL is a 40o field-of-view self-contained night vision goggle system that is available in two versions: the KESTREL LW (Light Weight), which offers increased mobility, and the KESTREL HP (High Performance), which delivers better image quality and enhanced depth perception. Other Excelitas night vision optics include the CobraEye and the Mamba40, both excellent eyepieces for image intensifiers and microdisplays.
What are the applications of Night Vision Goggles?
Excelitas offers versatile night vision optics equipment to enable our foremost military personnel the ability to gain an enhanced view of an entire landscape in low-vision environments and gain a tactical advantage. Night vision optics can be equipped on several types of devices, such as on freestanding scopes to gain a better view of the entire landscape for reconnaissance missions or on mounted scopes on rifles for a clearer view of enemy targets. Night vision goggles can be helmet-mounted for more mobility and can also be used on video equipment for surveillance.
Do you offer custom Night Vision Goggles solutions?
Excelitas night vision goggle solutions are optimized for various displays and equipment to suit a wide range of military and civilian applications. They are lightweight and compatible with most equipment and devices. We also offer custom solutions for specialized requirements. Provide us with a copy of your target specifications and applications so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Product List

EAGLE Binocular, Night Vision Goggles
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EAGLE Binocular, Night Vision Goggles

EAGLE is a 40° field-of-view rugged binocular night vision goggle that provides the user with enhanced night situational awareness and maneuver capability in a lightweight package. EAGLE NVGs offer unrivalled optical performance for high sensitivity at low light levels, delivering enhanced depth perception.
Kestrel Night Vision Goggles
Part Number

KESTREL Binocular, Image-Intensified Night-Vision Goggles

KESTREL is a 40° field-of-view, lightweight binocular night-vision goggle designed for the most demanding ground-based operations. KESTREL NVGs offer unrivalled optical performance for high sensitivity at low light levels, delivering enhanced depth perception.