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Excelitas Technologies to Showcase Latest Weapon Sights and Long Range Camera Solutions for Military Applications at AUSA


WHO: Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, will highlight its thermal imaging and camera technologies for military applications at the AUSA 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition.

WHAT: At Excelitas Booth #1367, expert staff will be available to discuss its wide range of defense technology solutions and the company will also host The American Whiskey Bar on October 10 and October 11 from 4:00 p.m. EST – 5:00 p.m. EST. Conference attendees that visit The American Whiskey Bar are invited for complimentary top-shelf whiskey pours (limited supply, first come, first served) and an open bar. Booth visitors can also be entered for a chance to win a limited-edition signed bottle of Hooten Young 15 Year Barrel Proof American Whiskey in a custom military crafted single-bottle AUSA 2022 Commemorative Whiskey Cabinet. Featured products include:

  • Cooled and Uncooled Dismounted Soldier Sighting Solutions: Excelitas’ night vision, thermal (cooled and uncooled) and fused (IR/I2) sighting solutions for dismounted operators are employed for a variety of special forces, national defense force, law enforcement and professional security team operations.
    • DRAGON-C12XR Uncooled Sight with Thermal Imaging Camera: The high-performance DRAGON-C12 thermal sight features a lightweight and durable body, designed for reliable continuous operation in combat use.
    • DRAGON-H12 Handheld Thermal Surveillance and Target Location System: An intermediate range multi-function surveillance and target location system, DRAGON-H12 provides warfighters with the ability to detect, locate and communicate enemy locations and targets of interest on the battlefield. The high-performance sight for medium to long range applications enables 24-hr surveillance and target location capability within a lightweight, rugged platform.
    • PHOENIX-S and H Long Range Thermal Imaging Sights: Designed for particularly demanding ground-based sniper missions, PHOENIX-S delivers field-proven capabilities that enable early and rapid detection, recognition and identification of targets at longer ranges, even in extremely poor light conditions. PHOENIX-H utilizes the latest high-resolution Mid-Wave-Infrared (MWIR) High-Operating Temperature (HOT) technology to provide a 640x512 resolution image coupled with a wide field-of-view range from 2º–16º. It is ideal for a variety of demanding ground-based surveillance and target location operations applications.
  • Long Range Surveillance Systems for Anti-Drone, Border and Vehicle Applications: Excelitas’ complex optronic solutions for above- and below-armor in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers are in service on major platforms around the world. The company’s thermal imaging cameras, objective lenses and optical modules enable long-range surveillance systems for anti-drone, border and vehicle applications. On-platform applications will be on display at the Excelitas booth.
    • OrcIR Long Range High-Definition, Thermal Cameras: The OrcIR combines a ruggedized x14 continuous zoom capability with the very latest in HOT MWIR detector technology, providing exceptional imagery. OrcIR has been developed to provide extended range performance for applications including Counter-UAS and Surveillance platforms. An optional tilted window makes it particularly suited for marine/naval applications including surveillance and fire control applications.
    • CheetIR High-Definition, Long Range, MWIR Thermal Cameras: Delivering long-range surveillance and target identification in a compact volume for numerous applications including Anti-drone, Mobile Short-Range Air Defense (M-Shorad), Targeting and Surveillance, the CheetIR family offers a range of HD MWIR Thermal Imaging capabilities. The cameras combine ruggedized continuous zoom capability with the very latest in HOT MWIR detector technology to offer exceptional imagery.
    • RaptIR High-Definition, Long Range, MWIR Thermal Cameras: TBC Optimized for the latest generation of small pixel (8 mm) sensor technology using best in class continuous zoom optics, RaptIR provides exquisite thermal imaging capability offering long range performance in a very compact form factor for a variety of civil and military applications. As the latest addition to Excelitas’ range of medium range thermal cameras covering the MWIR waveband, RaptIR allows quicker target detection, recognition and identification for more timely, informed decision making for counter-UAS, border surveillance and maritime fire-control applications.
  • Energetic Systems: Excelitas designs, tests and manufactures energetic products for electronic safing, initiation, actuation and detonation applications. The company’s energetic device performance and testing offerings include custom energetics, electronic safe and arm devices, ignition safety devices and rocket motor initiators.
  • Sensors and Detectors for Defense and Aerospace Applications: Available in standard (off-the-shelf) and customer-specific designs, Excelitas’ sensors and detectors provide accurate measurement and detection of light, heat, motion and distance for mission-critical applications. Excelitas’ military and aerospace sensor products include emitters, detectors and pulsed lasers for laser ranging, fuzing and laser warning systems; terminal guidance detectors for precision guided munitions and laser spot tracking; as well as emitters for target acquisition, ranging and designation.


WHEN:         October 10 – October 12, 2022
                     Visit The American Whiskey Bar at the Excelitas Booth,
                     October 10 and October 11, 4:00 p.m. EST – 5:00 p.m. EST.

WHERE:      Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC
                     Excelitas Booth: 1367


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