OmniCure AC Series UV LED Small-Area Curing Systems

OmniCure® AC Series offers UV LED small-area curing systems for curing widths of less than or equal to 75 mm. These air-cooled UV LED curing systems are designed with high-power LEDs and advanced front-end optics to deliver high peak irradiance for fast, even curing. OmniCure AC Series UV curing systems are offered in various configurations and include “P” versions with enhanced optics to optimize the dose for short working distances to support print applications.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of OmniCure AC Series UV LED small-area curing systems?
At Excelitas, we deliver high-power ultra-violet (UV), light-emitting diode (LED) curing systems, a more efficient alternative to traditional curing. Specifically, we offer an array of AC LEDs for curing small area curing – those with curing widths of less than or equal to 75 millimeters. These are sold under the reputable OmniCure brand.
What kind of AC UV LED Small-Area Curing Systems do you offer?
Our catalog of small area UV curing systems comprises the following:
  • OmniCure AC2 UV LED small-area curing system: This compact, air-cooled solution is designed with front-end optics to provide high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity for curing small-area applications, including inks, adhesives, and coatings. In addition, the patented individual UV LED module output ensures consistent results over the entire curing area.
  • OmniCure AC4 UV LED small-area curing system: This series is known for its precise control of the UV irradiance level and time, ensuring the application of the correct dose of UV energy at the required wavelength. This makes for a repeatable curing process.
  • OmniCure AC5 UV LED small-area curing system: The AC5 lineup also uses OmniCure’s patented LED UV module output, providing exceptional uniformity over the entire curing area for consistent results.
Meanwhile, these products complement the use of our small-area UV curing systems:
What are OmniCure AC Series UV LED Small-Area Curing Systems used for?
Our AC Series UV LED Small Area Curing Systems are manufactured for small-area applications requiring low temperature curing across a wide range of industries. These include medical device assembly, printing, marking/coding, display bonding, wood coatings, and many more.
What is the quality assurance process for AC Series UV LED small-area curing systems?
As with any of our products and solutions, our UV curing systems are designed and manufactured using the highest standards in state-of-the-art facilities across the world. Members of our team are also certified and well-versed in what they do.
Do you offer custom OmniCure AC Series UV LED small-area curing solutions?
Yes! We provide custom products and accessories to fit your requirements. Contact us today and let us know about your design idea, and our engineers and manufacturing will gladly bring it to life.