Excelitas Technologies to Showcase Photonic Solutions for Defense and Aerospace at AUSA 2021


WHO:  Excelitas Technologies®  Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, will highlight its latest photonic innovations for defense and aerospace applications, at the AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

WHAT:  Expert staff will be available in-person at the Excelitas exhibit to discuss featured products, as well as showcase Liteye Systems, Inc.’s new Sea Eagle-FCEO Fire Control Electro-Optical System and Multi-Domain Explorer MDX, which feature Excelitas’ camera technology. Liteye’s fully digital, high resolution, stabilized, compact Sea Eagle-FCEO Fire Control Electro-Optical System leverages Excelitas’ OrcIR Long Range HD MWIR Thermal Imaging Camera, and the Multi-Domain Explorer MDX utilizes Excelitas’ CheetIR-Cub Compact, Standard Definition MWIR Camera to enable ground and air surveillance.

Additional product highlights include:

  • EXACTD®-362 Angle-of-Arrival Photodiode Module: The EXACTD platform is designed for use in Laser Warning Receiver Systems to detect and provide precise angle-of-arrival (AoA) information from direct and indirect scattered light from laser range finders, target designators, and active laser Electro-Optic (E.O.) systems.
  • YAG-Enhanced Photodiodes: Off-the-shelf and customer-specific YAG-enhanced terminal guidance detectors.
  • Pulsed Laser Diodes and Arrays: Single channel and array variants of pulsed laser diodes, ideal for range finding and LiDAR applications.
  • Blue Chip® Detonators: Low-energy chip slapper detonators from Excelitas are qualified to MIL-DTL-23659
  • Rocket Motor Initiators: Patented Rocket Motor Initiators and Through Bulkhead Initiators designed to work with single- and multiple-pulse rockets, as well as those platforms that might not currently have MIL-STD-1901A-compliant initiators.
  • Spark Gaps: Excelitas’ Spark Gaps are high-energy, voltage-controlled switching devices, unique in their ability to repeatedly switch currents of thousands of amperes.
  • Fused, Thermal and Image Intensified Sights: Excelitas’ imaging sights for the dismounted soldier are available for weapon mounted and hand held target location and engagement. The factors of weapon-fire shock resistance, boresight accuracy retention and enduring ongoing field rigors and diverse environmental conditions, are all taken into consideration during the design and manufacture of all Excelitas weapon-mounted sights.
  • Thermal Cameras: Excelitas’ medium and long range thermal cameras cover the MWIR and LWIR wavebands. All cameras utilize the latest sensor technologies and benefit from the company’s proven pedigree in designing and manufacturing high-performance optical modules and cameras for demanding surveillance, targeting, naval and C-UAS applications.
  • CheetIR-L High-Definition, Long Range MWIR Thermal Imaging Camera: Combining a ruggedized x13.5 continuous zoom capability with the very latest in High-Operating Temperature (HOT) MWIR detector technology, CheetIR-L provides exceptional imagery. The product’s ability to deliver long-range surveillance and target identification in a compact volume makes it ideal for anti-drone, mobile short-range air defense (M-Shorad), targeting and surveillance applications.


WHEN:  October 11 – October 13, 2021

WHERE:  Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
                 Excelitas Exhibit: Booth 2367


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About Excelitas Technologies
Excelitas Technologies® Corp. is a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optical, optronic, imaging, sensing and detection needs of our OEM and end-user customers. Serving a vast array of applications across biomedical, scientific, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, safety & security, consumer products, defense and aerospace sectors, Excelitas stands committed to enabling our customers’ success in their many various end-markets. Our team consists of more than 7,000 professionals working across North America, Europe and Asia, to serve customers worldwide.

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